[ Scoliosis Repair ]

Since 1997, The Cerny System has successfully treated scoliosis, slowing the condition’s side effects and stopping the discomfort it causes.

Who can benefit?

The Cerny System’s scoliosis techniques can help clients of all ages with varying degrees of asymmetry and various treatment histories. None of Jana Cerny’s clients have had an increase in curvature while practicing the method. Most of her clients have dramatically decreased their curvatures and alleviated accompanying pain – an outcome the Western medical model of scoliosis management has typically and incorrectly ruled impossible.

Where does it come from?

Initially, Jana developed The Cerny System to manage her own scoliosis after the year of her teens that she spent in a brace failed to help her condition. Her dramatic success in using the system post-puberty to reduce her discomfort and curvatures (by half the measured highs) inspired her to formalize the method to help others achieve some of the same relief and sense of possibility that she now enjoys.

The Cerny System Scoliosis Repair Series

This series provides you with the basic necessary tools to start changing your scoliosis today. You will learn how to stabilize your spine and soften your curves. You will learn about how your body functions and begin to develop a system for changing unhealthy movement patterns to healthy ones.

Included are three separate routines. These routines are designed to work with your lifestyle. The full-length sequence gives you a complete workout and this sequence was designed to be the most thorough routine. The other two sequences are to be used when you have less time or need a new challenge after you get well versed in the long sequence.

The Cerny System Scoliosis Repair series is available as a DVD or for streaming/downloading. Please click on the buttons below to select your preferred format.